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Haida Gwaii, “Island of the Haida People” was not only mysterious and magical, it was also a photographer’s dream. 

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North America was once vast with Indigenous trees, animals, birds, and plants. The people of North America developed societal systems that flowed from the laws of nature.

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When I lose track of time it’s like my mind stops thinking, and I can feel what I see. I get a sense of purpose and understanding, but on a level that is beyond my mind’s comprehension.

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I was a dreamer. I would dream of sunnier days and better pays. One day I decided that I was done dreaming. So I quit my job, bought a camera and moved to California.

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Sometimes I’d walk out the door before noon, and by four am I’d be thinking, “maybe I should call it a day”. That’s how I got my ten thousand hours in photography.

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24 x 36 Print = $300

30 x 40 Print = $500

People and nature are unpredictable, but it is that unpredictability that often become the best photographs. A good photographer can capture unpredictable moments.

Photography has been a form of healing for me. Learning the fine art of photography has come with many life lessons, including the virtues of patience.